Our assembly and services are individually tailored to your needs and go beyond pure maintenance. Of course, we also take responsibility and implementation for the complete project installation within the framework of complete solutions.

We have the experience and the know-how to carry out all assembly work related to your project. The execution of the installation work is based on the requirements and conditions on site. For example, completely different installation criteria are taken into account in a cement works than in a food processing company. Please consider an excerpt of our installation work in the gallery below.

The advantage for you is having a responsible contact person on site who will implement your concerns quickly and easily together with the team.



  • Independent execution of larger assembly activities with a contact person on site
  • Expansion of various cable routes optionally with armored steel pipes, mesh cable trays, cable whips, fixed ladders or wide span trays
  • Laying and installation work of all low-voltage lines, including the largest cross-sections
  • Wiring of control cabinets, terminal and switch boxes
  • Dismantling, relocation and reassembly of switchgear and machine / system parts
  • Assembly and retrofitting of various field devices, drive units as well as operating and command devices
  • Equipotential bonding of entire system parts


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